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Discover new retired friends in the valley.

What is RetireTemecula?

Retire Temecula was created after meeting a countless number of people who moved here to retire only to find a hard time meeting other like minded retiree's. After hearing this for years, we decided to create a group that solves this problem. Retire Temecula has monthly events at local wineries and keeps you informed with market news and other local events. Retire Temecula is not only for Temecula residents but for all residents of the Temecula Valley area. We are glad you are here!

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What are retiree's saying?

“What a fantastic event tonight at the winery. It was my first event and I look forward to more. I met some friends in person and also met new friends. So many people to get to know. I look forward to meeting all of you!! Thank you for creating this group!!”

Ama Derringer

Our Guides


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Alexander Newman

As a financial advisor specializing in Retirement, Alex knows what is most important to retirees - good wine, great advice and an amazing group of friends.


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